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Keeping You In The Game

Tackling Tough Sports Issues From A Legal Standpoint

As highly regarded sports and trial attorneys, the Law Offices of Howard L. Jacobs in Westlake Village, California, works closely with athletes every day. Since 2001, founding attorney Howard L. Jacobs and our team consult and represent athletes on virtually any type of civil dispute involving their participation in sport or their compensation. We are well-known for our work around the world.

Experienced, knowledgeable, tenacious and understanding, we are advocates for athletes first and foremost. Mr. Jacobs’ status as a former professional athlete provides him with the background to better explain to a jury the complex issues that athletes face.

Providing Thorough Litigation Skills

In our years litigating in sports law, we have filed lawsuits on behalf of athletes who:

  • Bought contaminated vitamins and supplements, causing them to test positive for banned substances. We seek to obtain just compensation for their lost participation in sport.
  • Faced exploitation when their name and likeness were used without their permission.
  • Were seriously injured or killed throughout the United States. We are able to provide such services through our legal partnership with nationally-recognized Spence Law Firm.

If you need a lawyer who cares about you, who understands your needs and career, and who will fight for you against powerful interests and corporations, our team of attorneys is prepared to help. We are effective, thorough and passionate in our representation and are one of the world’s leading sports law firms.

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When civil disputes arise within the sports world, the Law Offices of Howard L. Jacobs Westlake Village, California, is prepared to stand up for athletes. With skills and experience, we can help. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 805-742-8688.