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Helping Athletes Fight Doping Allegations

Howard Jacobs is widely regarded as the leading athlete-advocate in doping matters worldwide.

As a result of our extensive involvement in this area, we have come to believe that it is impossible for an attorney to be effective as a part-time anti-doping lawyer.

Winning Cases, Setting New Precedents

We have represented athletes in doping cases since 2001. Since then, we have represented over 300 athletes around the world and in virtually every sport. We have handled most of the high profile doping cases in the Olympic Movement and in many professional sports, including tennis legend Maria Sharapova, Olympic champion Veronica Campbell Brown, basketball star Diana Taurasi, Olympic track and field champion Lashawn Merritt, swimming world record holder Jessica Hardy, professional golfer Vijay Singh, UFC superstar Jon Jones, and numerous other professional athletes and world champions.

We are well respected by anti-doping organizations for our subject knowledge and our passionate defense of athletes accused of doping. For those athletes who have received suspensions, approximately 75% have received reduced suspensions.

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