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Looking forward to the Paris Olympic Games

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Current Events |

As the world eagerly anticipates the arrival of the 2024 Paris Olympics, July 26 – August 11, there is a growing sense that these Games will captivate the U.S. and global audience to a degree not seen in recent iterations. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, while remarkable in their own rights, faced unique challenges like the pandemic that likely affected viewer engagement.

Now, Paris is set to offer an unsurpassed Olympic experience, building on lessons from the past and harnessing the power of innovation and cultural allure. There are several positives to look at as the games approach.

The City of Lights will shine

Paris is a global hub of culture with iconic sites like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, but it also has a long history intertwined with the modern Olympic movement (it held the second games in 1900) as well as other sporting events like Tour de France and Roland-Garros. After two pandemic-riddled events in Asia, the games are back in the West with people traveling to games – hotels are already impossible to come by, and the price of everything (including tickets on the Metro) has been jacked up.

Unprecedented media engagement

In the United States, NBC plans to broadcast an unprecedented number of events on its flagship broadcast network, Peacock and digital platforms. Setting aside the athletes for a moment, one highlight will likely be Snoop Dogg’s return after doing commentary on Peacock of the dressage competition in Tokyo. Snoop will provide prime-time reports in the studio with Mike Tirico, offering his unique perspective on the city and the games. Other clever marketing moves include Megan Thee Stallion dancing with dressage horses, Peyton Manning riding a baguette, Dolly Parton singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions,” a Paris Hilton kickoff to the campaign, and Lily Collins (star of Emily in Paris) in character as a marketing ace pitching an Olympic-themed marketing campaign.

NBC parent Universal has also arranged deals with Twitter and Snapchat to complement its content on the network’s digital platforms. It promises to be an innovative next step in presenting global events and reaching the audience in new ways.

Plenty of compelling storylines involving athletes

This will be the first games untainted by the pandemic, which offers a sense of optimism. There will also be (barring injury or unforeseen circumstances) a bounty of major stars returning after great performances three years ago in Tokyo.  A few likely stars during the Olympic Games are listed below:

Track and Field:

Sydney McLaughlin (USA): After smashing world records and taking gold in Tokyo, McLaughlin will be one to watch as she continues to dominate the 400m hurdles.

Mondo Duplantis (Sweden): The pole vault prodigy and world record holder is likely to be a major draw as he aims for another Olympic title.


Caeleb Dressel (USA): Having secured multiple gold medals in Tokyo, Dressel will likely be a significant force in the pool once again.

Katie Ledecky (USA): A dominant force in long-distance freestyle, Ledecky will likely continue to add to her Olympic medal tally.


Simone Biles (USA): If she chooses to compete, Biles will undoubtedly be the center of attention as one of the greatest gymnasts ever.

Suni Lee (USA): The gymnast will return to defend her gold medal.

Daiki Hashimoto (Japan): As the all-around men’s gymnastics champion in Tokyo, Hashimoto will be one to watch if he competes in Paris.


Luka Dončić (Slovenia): After leading Slovenia to a strong finish in Tokyo, NBA star Dončić could make a significant impact if he plays in the 2024 Olympics.


Sky Brown (Great Britain): After becoming Britain’s youngest Olympic medalist in Tokyo, the young skateboarding sensation will likely continue to impress in Paris.


Janja Garnbret (Slovenia): As sport climbing grows in popularity, Garnbret will be a favorite after her dominant performances in the world championships.

These athletes represent just a tiny sample of the talent expected to compete. Of course, there will always be new stars who rise and deliver break-out performances.